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337 Fullerton Avenue
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Judith A. Chaleff, L.Ac.

Community Acupuncture Project

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Acupuncture, the ancient healing practice of placing hair-thin painless needles in specified points along the body, has been used successfully to treat many types of pain, illness and stress.

This unique clinic's model of care is based on the successful clinics in China. The CAP or Community Acupuncture Project provides affordable treatment in a group setting. While most patients do not interact with each other directly, the added benefit of the collective Qi (energy) in a community room may strengthen the effect of each individual treatment.

After a private initial consultation, you will rest comfortably in a lounge chair in a group setting. There is no need to undress. On subsequent visits, we will streamline our conversation and rely more on traditional Chinese examination. You will experience access to alternative health care that may have previously been cost prohibitive.

The Sliding Scale: We recognize that everyone's financial circumstances vary. We ask that you pay what you can comfortably afford on a scale from $20.00 to $40.00 in addition to the "initial" consultation fee at your first visit. Please choose an amount on the scale that will allow you to have treatment as often as you need, for as long as you need so you get better.

Why so cheap? We can provide "affordable" rates because we will use a style of acupuncture that doesn't require patients to undress, or to share private details on a regular basis. It enables us to treat many patients at the same time so we can save you money by making acupuncture affordable, you will be able to come as often as you need and for as long as you need to get better. Please consider the acupuncturist's recommendations for treatment frequency when determining what you can afford.

Is the treatment as good as the expensive stuff? Absolutely! Some patients may even prefer the community qi, and the ability to schedule together with friends and family. Many patients will prefer the reclining chairs to the traditional acupuncture treatment tables.

Do I need an appointment? Appointments are preferred. We will generally have one seat available for walk-in appointments; however, no guarantees can be made that walk-ins will be accommodated.

How do I pay? Cash and check only. You may pay in advance for several treatments and keep a running account with us. There will be a $30.00 fee for bounced checks.

Is it safe? Acupuncture is extremely safe. It has virtually no side effects. We use hair-thin, sterile, single-use needles in all of our clinics.

What is the initial fee? The standard initial fee of $10.00 includes the processing of your paperwork and evaluation by the acupuncture physician. Patients who have been seen within the last six months by "The Hudson Pindoctor" will not be charged this fee.

Will my insurance cover treatment? We will not accept any insurance at CAP however we will be happy to supply you with receipts for tax purposes. If you have a no-fault case or a worker's comp case, or you know that your insurance covers acupuncture, you may be seen in Newburgh.

Affordable acupuncture
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